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Thorough Subterranean Termite Treatment for the Florida Keys

Danger lies underfoot when your property is infested by Asian subterranean termites. This exotic species is thought to have made landfall locally in the 1990s via a ship docked at Stock Island, and they have been causing significant wood damage to homes, businesses, and boats ever since. Fortunately, you can count on Hammerhead Termite Control for effective subterranean termite treatment. The Florida Keys may be the perfect climate for these pests to thrive, but you don’t have to welcome them to your property.

Contact our exterminators to learn how we get rid of these invasive termites and request an estimate for treating your home or business. Our experts will first determine that you are indeed seeing Asian subterranean termites and where they have colonized to ensure your property receives the most effective treatment.

What Makes These Termites Different?

Most termite control companies are only experienced with handling drywood termites, which spend the vast majority of their life cycle in wood and rarely leave. However, the Asian subterranean termite is different. Their colonies live in the soil and construct foraging tubes leading to their food source—your property’s wood. One colony can house up to millions of termites at a time. Furthermore, they tend to be most active in February and March when their massive swarms cause sudden, significant damage.

To prevent cosmetic and structural harm to your property, it is crucial that you contact us for subterranean termite treatment as soon as possible once you spot these insects. We have the necessary experience to get rid of them decisively so that you can resume your normal life with peace of mind.