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Tent Fumigation and Termite Control for Florida Keys Properties

Drywood termites wreak havoc on homes, boats, and more. As they devour wood, they not only mar its appearance but also weaken its structure over time. Unfortunately, since they live inside the wood they feast upon, it’s challenging to determine precisely where they are and how bad the infestation is, making spot treatment inefficient. That’s why Hammerhead Termite Control specializes in fumigation.

Tent Fumigation, Big Pine Key, FL

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Termite Damage, Termite Control, Big Pine Key, FL

How Fumigation Works

We provide tent fumigation and termite control for Florida Keys properties. Fumigation is the only method that ensures complete drywood termite eradication. Our team seals your structure with gas-tight tarps and then releases a gas fumigant inside with the help of RDA (Remote Data Acquisition Fumiscope). The RDA machine measures the concentration of Vikane fumigant and allows us to control the process remotely.

When the process is completed, we ventilate your property and certify that no fumigant remains with equipment that detects the gas down to one part per million. Count on our tent fumigation company to remove your pest problem safely and effectively; contact us to get the process started.

Other Termite Control Services

While fumigating for drywood termites is our focus, we also provide other services. For example, we do more Asian subterranean termite treatments in the Keys than any other company. We begin with a thorough inspection to identify where they are entering your property and the location of their above-ground nests. Next, we place a chemical barrier in the ground between the termites and your property and treat any nests accordingly.

We can also inspect your home or boat for a Wood Destroying Organisms report. Mortgage lenders and buyers typically require WDO reports when a property is being sold. All of our state-licensed inspectors have had extensive training, along with over 30 years of experience in the identification of wood-destroying organisms. Furthermore, we’re a local business committed to serving our community to the best of our ability. We’re the only tent fumigation company that’s based in the Lower Keys, and all our employees live in the Lower Keys as well.